Prayer of the Faithful

2nd Sunday of Advent Year (C)


PRIEST:         As we prepare for Christ’s coming at Christmas, let us ask God our Father for all our needs.


READER:      We pray for our Pope, our Bishop and all who guide the Church. May they show the good news of Christmas by welcoming Jesus into their hearts.


READER:      We pray for the leaders of our country, the Queen, her Government and our Armed forces. May they protect the poor and help the weak. If they are away from their families for Christmas, may they share in the joy of the season.


READER:      We pray for all who will experience the season as one of sadness and sorrow. May they see the birth of the Lord in the midst of their darkness.


READER:      We pray for all pregnant women and for the fathers of children. May they love their children, as the Holy family loved Our Lord. May we love our parents and give thanks for them.


READER:      We pray with the whole Diocese for the Priest and people of Our Lady of the Rosary in Lawrence Weston and St Bernard in Shirehampton.


READER:      We pray for all those who are sick, at home or in hospital, especially those who are known to us. We commend to Almighty God the souls of all who have died recently, those whose anniversaries occur at this time, and those who will die this day an unprepared death.


READER:      Rejoicing in the fellowship of St Michael the Archangel, and all the saints we implore the intercession of Our Lady, St Mary of Glastonbury, as we say… Hail Mary…

Let us pray for a moment in silence.