The Eucharist, or Holy Mass is the central act of worship of any Catholic, and is the centre of our life here at St Michael’s. Our Lord Himself gave the Mass to us, so that we could continue to receive the gift of His Body and Blood until He comes again. The Eucharist is the supreme way in which Our Lord can enter into our lives and give us the food and grace that we need to become the people He wishes us to be.

Holy Mass is first and foremost the worship of God. As we come together week by week, we come into the presence of Jesus Christ, fully present in the Blessed Sacrament, and offer our praise to God the Father. This is what we created for, and it is how we find true happiness.

To receive the Body and Blood of Our Saviour at Mass, you must be a baptised Catholic in a state of grace (that is, you must not be conscious of having committed any grave sins, or be living in a state of life which is against the teaching of the Church). If you cannot receive Holy Communion, then come forward with your arm placed across your chest, and I, or the Deacon, will give you a blessing.

We prepare children to receive Holy Communion from the age of seven, and adults are instructed in the faith to enter into full communion and become Catholic. Please see Fr Bede for any further information.