Parish Groups

All groups welcome new members.  Information is provided on each of the group’s pages and each also has a contact number.  

Joining a group is a good way to get to know others in the parish, to serve the parish and to live out your faith in a positive way through active participation.


Pastoral Parish Council

The Pastoral Parish Council meets four times a year.  During this meeting they discuss a number of areas in the parish which include fundraising, communion visits, safeguarding, social events, the Treasurer reports back from the Fabric and Finance meeting, as well as discussing youth initiatives and objectives etc.

Fr Bede, the Parish Priest chairs the meeting and is supported by Julia Yardley, Jacky Tucker, Charles Rossiter  and Christine Davies.

Fabric and Finance

The Fabric and Finance Committee meets four times a year to look at the financial and fabric side of the parish.  We look at the income from the parish community and also look at the expenses that are incurred in the running of the parish. We also look at any building works or problems with the parish building/site itself.  

Fr Bede, the parish priest, chairs the meeting and is supported by Julia Yardley (Treasurer), Denis Barnes and Jacky Tucker.

St. Michael’s Choir

St. Michael’s choir is a group of between eight and twelve volunteers whose purpose is to lead the congregation in singing the hymns, psalm and ordinary parts of the Sunday Mass.  The choir meets every Thursday at 7.45pm in the St. Michael’s Parish Room.  Anyone interested in joining would be made very welcome.  Please contact Tony Bevan (organist) on 01749 344180

The Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a lay Catholic organisation whose members are giving service to the Church in almost every country.  At St Michael’s a group meet every Wednesday in the Parish Room, 4pm till 5.30pm.

Realising the necessity for a strong support of prayer the Legion also has Auxiliary members, who associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name.

More information about The Legion of Mary can be found on their website.  If you are interested in joining our group either as an active member or as an Auxiliary, or would just like to find out more please do come along to a meeting. All are most welcome.  

Also, if you know of anyone who you think might like a visit from our members please do let us know.  It might be someone in their own home or perhaps in a care home.  Please contact Margaret van Eyken on 01749 345526.

Deanery Parish Council

The Deanery Parish Council (DPC) meets three times a year and is open to all.  The Parishes in the Glastonbury Deanery are:

  • English Martyrs, Chard (Crewkerne and Ilminster)
  • Our Lady, St Mary’s of Glastonbury
  • St Michael’s, Shepton Mallet
  • St Dunstan, Somerton
  • SS Joseph and Teresa, Wells
  • SS Luke and Teresa, Wincanton (Bruton and Mere)
  • The Holy Ghost, Yeovil

These parishes make up the Glastonbury Deanery and Fr Louis Beasley Suffolk VF is the Dean.

It is a great opportunity for clergy and laity to share what is happening in their parishes and also to strengthen communities by working together and supporting each other.

For dates of future meetings or if you would like more information, please contact Theresa Gibson, Chair of the DPC on 07795 515705

Volunteer Ministries

St Michael’s Parish encourages all to volunteer their services in some way to help support and build up our parish community. Alongside are some ways in which you can do this.

If you feel you would like to become involved in any way or would just like to know a little bit more, then please contact Fr Bede who can put you in touch with the right person.

Altar Servers

To serve at the altar is a great privilege. Servers assist the Priest on the sanctuary. Servers can volunteer after receiving their First Holy Communion. They receive training sessions and then begin serving. Servers need to be at church at least ten minutes before the start of Mass. If you would like to be an Altar Server please speak to Fr. Bede.

Flower Arrangers

The flower arrangers decorate the Church with floral arrangements for Mass and for special occasions. The group creates the flower arrangements, co-ordinating them as appropriate with the Liturgy. You can help by joining them, or by offering flowers.  The flower arrangers volunteer on a rota basis.  If you are interested, please contact Lucy Harris on 01749 830952.


If you are able to help with the Parish Garden it would be most appreciated. There is a rota for mowing (ride-on mower!) but there is always much to be done to keep this wonderful garden looking as it does. Perhaps you would like to help on one of the tidy-up days. If you are able to help in any way please contact Jonathan Rendel on 01749 345355


Readers have the responsibility to read one of the readings during Mass and/or the Prayers of the Faithful. The aim is to read and proclaim the Word of God in a manner that the congregation can hear clearly, with intonation that aids understanding. Training will be given to new readers. If you would like to find out more about being a reader please speak to Fr. Bede.

St. Michael’s Choir

St. Michael’s choir is a group of between eight and twelve volunteers whose purpose is to lead the congregation in singing the hymns, psalm and ordinary parts of the Sunday Mass. The choir meets every Thursday at 7.45pm in St. Michael’s Parish Room. Anyone interested in joining would be made very welcome. Please contact Tony Bevan (organist) on 01749 344180


Welcomers greet visitors and parishioners as they come to Mass. They aim to offer a smile and a few friendly words to as many people as possible, whilst handing out the hymn books, Mass leaflets and the weekly Bulletin in the church porch.  You can help by joining the Welcomers rota. This requires you to be at the church about half an hour early when it is your turn, to arrange the books and newsletters prior to handing them out. If you are interested in volunteering to go on the rota please contact Jacky Tucker on 01749 830695.

Youth Ministry

If you would like to help with organising and supporting either specially planned activities for the young people or with the re-formation of St. Michael’s Youth Group or Mini Youth, please do speak to Fr Bede. 

Christians Together in Shepton Mallet

Please join us for Coffee and Conversation

A MONTHLY COFFEE MORNING 10.30 till 12 noon
First Wednesday in the month in the Parish Room behind St Michael’s Church,  6 Park Road, Shepton Mallet

We hope to be able to resume meetings in 2021.