Latest News:


This Spring St Michael’s has been addressing the important issue of Health & Safety.  We are very fortunate to have volunteers quietly undertaking the many different duties which keep the parish running smoothly. 

Each volunteer has been able to view a comprehensive Health & Safety presentation and been reminded of any possible hazards and means of avoiding them as they carry out their roles. 

We are grateful to our Health & Safety volunteer for facilitating this for us.



Our attendance at Sunday Mass, 9am, is frequently boosted by the children and staff of All Hallows Catholic Preparatory School , Cranmore.  Early in March we were especially blessed to have their choir come and sing the Mass for us. 


It was a truly uplifting and joyful experience and we hope they can visit to sing for us again soon.



In 2018 we sponsored a young Kenyan student through his secondary education. More recently we have learnt of the existence of the ‘Hidden Ones’ – disabled children, hidden away from the community, regarded as being cursed by witchcraft.

The charity St Peter’s Lifeline have now registered, and had a basic assessment carried out on 114 disabled, mostly children and young people. Some are clearly very severely disabled, but no matter how serious the disability – ‘to ALL we can give hope!’

Measures have been set in motion to provide medical and pastoral assistance, refurbishing and equipping a redundant dormitory at St Peter’s into a Clinic and Social Centre. A qualified Occupational Therapist has started a continuous programme of appropriate treatment for all our patients. Above all, through church, community and schools, these children are to be accepted and embraced.

These are the children we are supporting this year with a share of our parish fundraising. Further donations are always received with gratitude and joy: cheques made out to ‘St Peter’s Life-Line’ to Fr Bede, or donate online by clicking the ‘Please Donate Today’ box on our Home Page at